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"Caminantes no hay camino hay que caminar"

Originally from Milan, Italy, she has been living as an expat herself for several years , living in Turin, Barcelona, Vienna, London, Berlin and since 2004 in Amsterdam.  Based on personal experience she also understands the complexities and difficulties of living, adjusting and settling in a foreign country. Valeria is pioneering mental health care in the art world  offering a specifically unique support in the prevention of suicide of artists during the fragile and powerful creative process. 

Graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Turin in 1998.

In Milan in 2007, specialized in Psychosomatic Psychotherapy at the 'Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine RIZA' following the teachings of the well known Italian Psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli.

In 2017 Valeria specialised in PAT Psycho-Acoustic Transitional © session - the method to treat patients with tinnitus - with Dr. Gubert Finsterle, EAP Psychotherapist, Philosopher and researcher in psychoacoustic. 

In 2019 Valeria obtained the Level I Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music a psychoanalytically based receptive music psychotherapy.

As a result she works inspired from a  Jungian approach to music psychotherapy using  metaphoric improvisation and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, along with classic approach of analytical psychology.

Valeria has several years of experience with expatriates working in Amsterdam since 2007 at the Expat Medical Centre with one to one therapy, based on Psychosomatic Psychotherapy and Jungian Psychoanalysis. She is inspired as well by Psychosynthesis, Systemic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


In therapy she supports artists from different disciplines providing inspiration in their personal development, and/or artistic crisis,  understanding the delicate psychological dynamics of their work.

Writer in the field of Educational Psychology with the Publishing company RIZA, magazine 'Happy Children.'



She became an expert recruiter with Dr. Rita Testa, and holds a Master in Recruiting from University of Milan- SDA Bocconi. Under the supervision of Dr. Giuseppe Occidente - HR Director and Sociologist - a training with Prof. Enzo Spaltro where she studied organisational psychology, gaining extensive experience as a business coach. She has been working as well internationally with the Mag11 in the Vienna city administration - research department - as independent researcher with Dr. Stefanie Friedlmayer in the field of children psychology.

She practiced at the St Anna Hospital in Como- Italy with Dr. Vito Tummino as clinical psychologist.

Her supervisor works and lives in the Netherlands.

Since March 2014 she is working on a research integrating music with therapy. 

The research combines the psychotherapeutic fields with the music improvisation in exploring the potentials of music and movement during the journey of psychotherapy.

This interest creates:

Masters Clinical Psychology (MA. Clin Psych) , University of Turin, Italy.

Qualified Psychotherapist, Post Graduate - Riza Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine, Milan, Italy.

Recognised by MURST.

Registered Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Italy till 2016

OPL Registration Number n. 8506

Registered Psychologist in the Netherlands

N.I.P. Membership Number n. 203026

Member of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine

Member of NOLK

Member of the Italian Society of Positive Psychology

Member of the American Psychosomatic Society

​Personal AGB-Code: 94105079  

Practice AGB-code: 94064408

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© Valeria Pierdominici

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